About Us

Our Farms - Our Family

How We Got Started

The Waugh family have been farming in the region for over 25 years. They are well known and respected part of the Gympie community. After years of selling direct from their Glastonbury and Widgee farms, and at local markets, they decided to open their own fruit and vegetable shop in town.

In early 2012, Farmer & Sun Local Marketplace opened its doors at the Southside Shopping Centre, and has never looked back. As their range grew they expanded the shop to accommodate all the additional grocery lines and speciality items they now carry.

Next expansion saw the cafe added on, serving a wide variety of food and drinks made from the fresh produce available at the marketplace next door.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, supply fresh seasonal produce to the local community at an affordable price. This way the farmers are paid a fair price for all their hard work, the people get to support the local farmers and enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables that is picked daily. The Gympie region has an abundance of nutrient rich soil and a temperate climate, and this allows farmers like Steve Waugh and many other locals to grow a wide variety of food. Food grown in the region includes a wide range of vegetables, salads, fruit, nuts and seeds etc. and is increasing each year as more farms try their hand at something new.

Our Store

One of the most lovely comments we receive from
our customers, is how nice it is to visit our store.

Everyone loves the ambience and all the
little home touches around the place.

Most of the items we have used to decorate both the interior
and the exterior of the shop come from our home.

Family trinkets with special memories, some that
belonged to my mum, nan, and other family members,
some I had accumulated over the years.

It was great as I got to clean out the storage
shed and decorate the shop at the same time.

Support Local - Shop Local